Erin Lowder General Manager of Operations
Erin Lowder

Oath Day Five In Photos

On Saturday, June 10th we celebrated five years of being a brewery with a little something we call Oath Day.

If you made it out to Oath Day to celebrate with us, we thank you and we will raise a glass, probably several, to you this evening. If you missed out, take a look at these photos and weep. Hope you learned your lesson.

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Lü, Old Faithorn, Pain Cave, and Pain Café Release Details

Saturday, April 1st is a big day. Two brand new cans will be released to the world alongside a brand new coffee beer we’re calling Pain Café, and Pain Café’s younger brother, Pain Cave.

We have a lot planned in a short window but the main principle of Saturday, April 1 is to have a good time. These beers are not available for pre-sale and will be available while supplies last. Keep in mind that all of our beer is unfiltered and unpasteurized. Keep these beers cold and drink them fresh.

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An Anonymous & Unofficial SOB Survey

Thrown annually by Lou Dog Events, Naperville Ale Fest is something we at SOB look forward to. Not only is it pretty much thrown in our backyard, but it’s put on by some great people and draws in folks from all over.

This year we decided to mix things up a bit and gave attendees an “Anonymous & Unofficial SOB Survey” card to fill out and drop off in a box at our booth. There were eight different questions and they were randomly dispersed amongst the crowd. Here are some of our favorite responses.

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A Very Solemn Experience

We know you love hanging out in our taproom. We know you love drinking Solemn Oath at bars and restaurants. How about something a little more intimate?

We are thrilled to announce that private parties are now available for booking in a dedicated space at our brewery with a top-notch catering option designed just for Solemn Oath.

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50 for 50

When you think of the number “50,” many different things may come to mind.

  • A normal lens’ focal length in photography is 50 mm.
  • There are 50 states in the United States of America.
  • “Five-Oh” (or 5-0) is a slang term for the po-po (police).
  • 50 is a calibre of ammunition.
  • There is a rapper named 50 Cent.
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Stay Thirsty

To take an oath is a serious thing. Taking a solemn oath is the most seriousest of serious. So serious, it makes you invent new words.

When we hit year one, we decided to inaugurate our own holiday of sorts: Oath Day. Only this holiday doesn’t mean you have to shoot the shit with your sister’s new ego-maniac boy toy in your parents’ backyard, or pretend to be ecstatic when you open up a pair of lacy underpants from Grams. Hell, you don’t even have to exchange gifts. This holiday is about drinking beer with friends and strangers in our brewery, sharing stories, maybe playing some dodgeball or hopping on a mechanical bull. It’s a celebration of all things Oath. And that includes all of you SOBs.

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