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Country Green, do you know what I mean?

Country Green, do you know what I mean?

Debuting at the release party set for Saturday, April 14th along with a stable of bourbon barrel-aged beers, stouts, and a competition-ready porter, we are thrilled to share this unique brew with you. True and pure, Country Green is an American IPA celebrating the verdant beauty of the country with local honey, honey malt, and fragrant hops to create the answer to a poor boy’s dream. We sure as hell hope Don Gibson would be proud.

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Friendship Is Magic

Pinkie Pie, you’re a genius!

There may not be a more triumphant collaboration than one that also brings just a little bit of twinkle to the eye. This year we are again partnering with the wonderful people of Whinny City Pony Con, Chicagoland’s biggest My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fan convention. Run by a couple of our regulars, over the last few years we’ve learned about the unbelievably welcoming and open-minded community that surrounds MLP.

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The Old Order and All the Mallows

Saturday, April 14 we’re bringing you wood-aged joy, the return of our first bottle, a little bit of honey, and a sweet and robust hybrid of an English Porter and a Russian Imperial Stout. Bottles and cans begin sale in limited quantities beginning at 3PM for the general public.

Dark Horse will be around with actual S’Mores starting 11AM on Saturday and the Taproom will be open normally.

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Oath Day 2018

It is official. Oath Day Six is coming. Our lights are still on as we approach seventy-two months of having provided you with Solemn Oath beers.

Again this year we’ll be setting the garage doors free, opening up as much of our brewery as we possibly can, taking over our parking lot, and throwing one of the strangest and most chill parties the Midwest has to offer. We’ll have tons of pouring stations to minimize lines, a massive beer list filled with our most innovative brews, incredible restaurant and food truck partners, and copious collaborators. This year we’re featuring a market filled with unique artisans, a live band unlike most anything you’ve seen, fresh beard trims, and orchestrated disorder of all things Oath.

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Upcoming in Solemn Oath Beer

The righteously radical rollout of 2018 continues for us here at SOB. Feel the angst, feel the vibe. More beers new and returning are en route over the next several weeks as we continue to push ourselves and bring you this fiery array.

Soon you will see the return of an SOB legacy, some amaranthine isness, and a spark to to the debate of sizeism in this country. We’ll learn what’s glitter is really more of a pale gold, hand you mallows upon mallows, and introduce you to a long forgotten style that had a revival with the fall of the Iron Curtain. All but one of these beers will be bottled or canned. We hope you’ve been enjoying our beer year so far, because we sure as hell are.

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The End All Taco Challenge

There are events that happen in our lives that define us. A new job, a first house, or falling in love. This isn’t one of those times. This is just going to be the time that you ate a really fucking hot taco.

Together with our friends from Quiubo and Bien Trucha, we would like to invite you to the End All Taco Challenge. This will require you to sign a waiver.

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Celebrating 2100 Days of SOB

Anyone can throw a party celebrating an annual anniversary. At Solemn Oath we enjoy like doing things a little bit differently. Saturday, February 17 will be the 2,100th day our Taproom has existed. What better way than to raise a coffee beer filled glass?

Our friends from Intelligentsia will be hanging while serving coffee and fresh beans to go with tasty treats from The Almighty Dark Horse. The party will go from 11AM to 3PM. Three-tab wristbands will be sold for $21 if you wish to enjoy the specialty beers. Each tab is good for either: one full pour of any beer OR two 4oz pours of the specialty coffee beers. Wristbands will be sold upon entry into the release party area.

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Upcoming In Solemn Oath Beer

We have no intention of even trying to catch our breath in 2018. Our brew calendar is packed with a healthy balance of innovative beers in the styles you seek, innovative beers in the styles you SHOULD seek, and classic SOB standbys for everyday crushers.

This month we’re dropping a brand new year-round instigator, a slight end of winter warmer of Belgian inspiration, one of the most celebrated DIPAs we ever release, a hot off the press American India Pale Ale to fill that empty hole in your soul, and more. Buckle up, stay in tune with what we’re talking about, and keep an eye out for the newest of the new and the freshest of the fresh. The Solemn Oath beer-centric chaos of 2018 is in full swing.

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Real beer lovers know what to look for. In 2016 Solemn Oath Brewery was honored with a Bronze Medal at the Great American Beer Festival for Lü in the German-Style Koelsch category.

You have to win to get bronze. You have to lose to get silver. It’s Bronzetime™.

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