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John Barley

October Beer Releases

According to the traditional Gaelic calendar, autumn began back in August. So, depending on your heritage, you might want to start thinking about stocking up for winter.

Either way, the leaves are changing, the harvest is upon us, and it is no longer 116 degrees fahrenheit in the taproom. Oktoberface is already available, Salty Beard made its debut, and more fresh beer is on the autumnal horizon. Here goes.

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Saying Hello by Understanding Goodbye

Newspapers are built on the concept of today. They cover the cultural and commercial happenings of a society to better inform its population and, in turn, help them make better decisions. In April, 1859, before Denver had been incorporated, four men set out to chronicle the happenings of their surroundings in print. Over the next century and a half, the organization they created earned Pulitzer Prizes, illuminated the world of organized crime, told the stories of the state’s raging forest fires and of the Marine assigned to notifying families of wartime casualties. This publication mattered.

Until its closing in February, 2009, the Rocky Mountain News served as Colorado’s longest continuously operated business. In the final edition they said goodbye. For us at Solemn Oath Brewery, SOVER is a beginning. A new hello. And we feel that to properly say hello from a new area of business we must understand the implications of goodbye.

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Why I Value the Culture of Beer Above All Else

We work in a unique industry wherein the camaraderie of a small faction of people brings joy to the masses glass by glass. Then there is the collective satisfaction of the market-share we’ve been chipping away from the ‘Big Brothers’ of beer. But that isn’t where I’m going with this. Lately, I’ve found myself diving into a simple question: What is it about beer that makes people want to engage? Or simply, why is beer different?

The easy answer to give is that it’s a tangible product distinguished by passion, quality, and attention to detail. But ice cream is also a tangible product. It’s made by brilliant artisans with dedication and love. Why isn’t there an enthusiastic, far-reaching culture built around seeking out the world’s finest frozen cream-based sweets? Why don’t you and your friends plan weekend trips with the idea of hitting six ice cream shops across three states? For some reason it’s different. For some reason with beer you sense a connection.

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Free Shipping/No Shipping

Today in the store you will find something is different behind the counter. When you check out, you will be given two new shipping options: free shipping and no shipping.

Free shipping means absolutely free USPS Priority Mail service with tracking number anywhere in the United States, shipped the same day if ordered before noon, central time. Fast, easy, awesome. Check out the collection.
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Tim Marshall, M.D.

Solemn Oath is just in its second year, but head brewer Tim Marshall is no stranger to the world of beer. How he got here is another story, but Tim’s ongoing passion for innovative and creative beers comes through in the joy (we hope) you’re experiencing in your glass.

What makes this man tick? What does he look for on his beer ops team? And who the fuck is Electric Six? Questions. So many questions. Actually, just ten.

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Well-Made for Free Radicals

SOVER is upon us. And since we can’t afford an actual brick and mortar shop, we’ve decided to christen this beast with two pop-up shops this weekend. Then, Monday at noon, SOVER officially arrives at

Friday 7/12 12-6PM
The Garage – 116 N. Aberdeen, Chicago
The first peek at our apparel is this Friday and you’ll be able to buy while the allocated event inventory lasts. Come hang and be the first to see; your friends will be jealous. We’re pouring beers, which typically goes over very well.

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It’s About Time

The Inaugural Naperville Ale Fest is only a month a way. We look forward to celebrating and exposing new people to craft beer in our hometown. We’ve known about this project for a year as Josh Seago and his team have been hell-bent on designing a festival of national caliber.

In its first year they’ve been able to draw 75+ breweries who are coming on board to pour over 180 beers. General admission tickets are a reasonable $45 and the VIP offerings are already sold out. Back in March, Michael Kiser of Good Beer Hunting sat down with Josh to gain some insights into his passion and drive to bring this project to light.

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Twitter or Bonnaroo

I want to explore two ideas with you, and then mash them together. No, not like a Girl Talk mashup. You see, this is where the problem starts…

First, let’s talk about indie music song titles. They’re in the same grave as Family Guy’s non-sequitur gags. Dead. Let’s put them to rest.

I know you’re a pro, indie music guy. Pro enough to drive around the country through the night for months on end in an Econoline with six other dudes who haven’t showered all week, rationing out your McDonald’s money and scheming to steal their share of the merch sales. No, you’re right man, you need seven musicians for all that texture. But with such business acumen how can you be so blasé about the names of the products you’re putting out in the world? It all starts with identity. The chain is only as strong as its identity; you shouldn’t throw bricks if your identity sucks; a bird in hand is worth your identity, etc. Simple marketing, people. Read up.

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