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Don’t worry–he’s not a sociopath, he just has resting dead eyes.

Psychogaze is packed with roast, toffee, and chocolate aromas with a nice big smack of earthy spice and candied citrus up front–not your standard porter fare, but damn it’s good. The malt bill is stacked with dark Munich and crystal for toast and caramel sweetness, chocolate and black malt for a roasty underbelly, and oats and flaked barley for a supple, complex texture and sturdy body. And just in time for the extradition of Robert Durst, the grand swami of flat affect! Seriously, have you watched “The Jinx?” Dude describes his real-life recollection of dismembering a body with the demeanor you would expect from your neighbor relaying his mild annoyance at the corner store bread collection. Holy shudder.

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Billy No-Mates

Sometimes we brew beers that are hybrids of American and European styles. Some of our beers are amplified versions of classic styles. Some really don’t fit within an established style. This time, we stayed true.

Billy No-Mates is a classic Irish stout–coffee-like roasted barley aroma with sharp roast and mellow chocolate flavor and a lingering bittersweet finish with a dry smack. It’s medium-light-bodied and drinkable at 5% ABV and well-suited for extended St. Patrick’s Day sessions. 

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Damn, that’s hoppy for a brown ale.

I know, I know. Hear it all the time. What else would you expect from us? We don’t always drink brown ales, but when we do, it usually just makes us want a porter. That’s why we amplified the Americanity–because when we want porter we want porter and when we want brown ale how about we get smacked in the face with hop aroma? Right? The hop schedule is like a slightly sedated Kidnapped by Vikings, but the malt bill gets packed with dark crystal, dark Munich, chocolate malt, and oats for a supple body and velvety, round mouthfeel. Well-toasted bread crust and bittersweet chocolate match up with grapefruit, orange rind, and pine sap for a very different brownsperience. Just don’t call it a brown IPA. Unless you only drink IPAs–oh wait…

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Death Bombers

We warned you this was coming.

You may have spotted Death By Viking on draft already this winter, but now it’s time to take some home. We have our imperial IPA packaged and ready. The rest is really up to you. Here’s the beef:

Death by Viking, our imperial IPA, bursts with pine resin and grapefruit hop aroma that gives way to a clean, tongue-smacking bitterness and a warming finish like those post-pillage bonfires pre-Battle of Stamford Bridge. There’s enough malt character left after fermentation for a hint of caramel and cracker, but not enough to call this beer balanced. The fermentation profile is moderately fruity, accentuating and complementing the intense hop-derived qualities of this beer. Yes, you read this paragraph before. No, that doesn’t mean you’re not crazy.

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This post brought to you by Lou Waldmeir, Solemn Oath Brewer and Resident Horn Section Enthusiast

It’s not often we release a new IPA–turns out vikings aren’t very good at sharing the spotlight.

It’s even more rare that we’re comfortable throwing the term “session” on the front end of one of our IPAs–in fact, we’ve never done that before. But your thirst for all that is good and hoppy is well documented and we at Solemn Oath have a long tradition of giving the people what they want. Why PowerSax? Because sax sells. We know you want it and it’s time to dim the lights, turn on the fog machines and give it to you.

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Uppers and Downers

We’re bringing the largest collection of one-off beers we’ve ever made to a single event.

The occasion is the Uppers & Downers Festival of Coffee Beers at Thalia Hall this Sunday, January 25th, a production of Good Beer Hunting and Intelligentsia. Solemn Oath and Goose Island are the festival’s two brewery case studies, meaning we have our own space at the festival and the opportunity to explore as much new territory as we can imagine and bring as many successes as we can produce. We’ve been working with Intelligentsia on several new concepts and we’re bringing back a few old favorites in new forms.

If you already have tickets, great, we’ll see you there. Check out the beer list below.

If you’re ticketless, the fest is already sold out, but you’re not out of luck. We’re throwing an Uppers & Downers party at the Solemn Oath taproom on Tuesday, January 27th with all of the beers we’re bringing to the festival. Please note that quantities are limited and availability is not guaranteed. And for the city folk, we’ll be bringing a smaller selection of the Uppers & Downers lineup to The Map Room on Monday, February 16th including two of the Muerte Inmaculada imperial coffee IPA variants and the Heaven Hill barrel-aged coffee milk stout Beverage of Champions.


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We hear you–it’s cold. We can’t fix your furnace if it goes out; nobody here is going to stand outside long enough to tell you why your car won’t start; and you’re gonna need to buy your own damn wool socks. What we can do for you is give you a big, gnarly American barleywine to warm you up at our taproom or in the comfort of your favorite armchair. We guarantee this will chase the chill out yo bones. If it doesn’t, Moff is providing bear hugs until you’re sufficiently warm.*

Ticklefight is a malt-forward barleywine with plenty of citrusy American hop presence in the aroma and palate and firm bitterness through the finish to convince you it was made in Naperville and not Napershire. The combination of caramel sweetness, nutty complexity, and fruity fermentation and hop aromatics produces the impression of candied dried apricot with walnuts and a sidecar of brandy.

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Death By Viking and The Telegraph

This week we span the malt-hop spectrum by bringing back the most bitter of vikings and introducing a new Scotch ale.

Death by Viking, our imperial IPA, bursts with pine resin and grapefruit hop aroma that gives way to a clean, tongue-smacking bitterness and a warming finish like those post-pillage bonfires pre-Battle of Stamford Bridge. There’s enough malt character left after fermentation for a hint of caramel and cracker, but not enough to call this beer balanced. The fermentation profile is moderately fruity, accentuating and complementing the intense hop-derived qualities of this beer

The Telegraph, our new Scotch ale, is a full-bodied exploration of malt complexity. We started with Maris Otter as the base malt for a bready, nutty foundation and on top of that layered German malts regarded for the toasty, caramel, and toffee qualities. We finished with some British roasted barley for color and a jzujz of baker’s chocolate flavor. We selected a Scottish ale yeast for fermentation and sat back with some serious head-nodding as we witnessed the interaction of malt and yeast produce some really interesting and delicious characteristics of dried fruit like apricot and fig, all underscored by a subdued earthy hop profile.


Death by Viking

  • American Imperial IPA
  • 10.0% Alc./Vol.
  • 110 IBUs
  • Draft available now in the Solemn Oath taproom and shortly throughout Chicagoland and Wisconsin.
  • Bombers coming in late February, will be announced separately.


The Telegraph

  • Scotch Ale
  • 9.5% Alc./Vol.
  • 19 IBUs
  • Draft available starting today in the Solemn Oath taproom and shortly thereafter throughout Chicagoland and Wisconsin.
  • Bombers coming in late January, will be announced separately.

In case you missed it, last month we announced the release of Kavorka and Pain Cave. Both of those are already gone from the taproom because you guys really, really like to lubricate your holiday social gatherings. Seriously, thanks for all the support and especially for bringing out-of-town friends and family through our place when they visit.

As they roll through, we will give you a preview of what to expect in the way of beer releases. In no way are we saying we’ll actually meet your expectations–just set them. If this sounds good to you, you should probably reevaluate every important relationship in your life. Like, now. 

Pain Cave and Kavorka

This week, we announce two brand new beers, both sturdy enough for mid-winter’s chill.

Pain Cave is a double IPA with a bodacious citrus and pine-sap hop aroma, minimal malt character, intense lingering bitterness, and light-t0-medium body–there’s nothing balanced about it. Kavorka is a Russian imperial stout with the aroma of Ghirardelli Square and a coffee roastery being swept up in the Boston Molasses Disaster, a subdued bitterness, and a rich, full body with a lasting baker’s chocolate finish. A good amount is already stocked away in bourbon barrels.

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