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Axe Scar Pig. and Interrobang‽

This week, we have two beers returning for your drinking pleasure and grammatical consternation, both in draft format, and one in bottles.

Axe Scar Pig. is our American red ale, ruby in color with a tight off-white head, packed with caramel and toasted malt character, and bursting with the choicest earthy and melonesque American-variety hops. Like a battle hog built for endurance, Axe is medium-bodied and supremely drinkable. Interrobang‽ is our true-to-style Belgian-style tripel, straw colored and brilliant, a delicate balance between bready pils-malt sweetness, spicy Continental hop aroma, and bubblegum-fruity Belgian yeast character, all forming an invisibility cloak around the beer’s potent 9.0% ABV.

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La Grippe

We make a good amount of big, bad beers, but this may be the baddest of them all.

La Grippe pushes the limits in every direction. Loads of dark malt and dark candi syrup bring out rich, roasted notes of chocolate and coffee. Rolled oats supply a supple, round texture and mouthfeel. A farmhouse ale yeast strain keeps the body light relative to the beer’s intensity and expresses a tangy, fruity ester profile. Citrusy, piney American hops push the aroma to full intensity and fill out the finish with a firm bitterness to match the beer’s lingering oat sweetness.

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Skinny Jeans and H4LF2UAD

Would double skinny jeans be twice as skinny, or double the jean, and therefore not skinny at all?

It’s a relevant question for your beer drinking this week as we bring back Skinny Jeans R Ridiculous, our single-hopped American pale ale, and release for the first time H4LF2UAD, our Belgian-style dubbel. These beers are strikingly different–Skinny Jeans is a hop-forward, light-bodied, easy-drinking beer that showcases the floral, citrusy character of Cascade hops, while H4LF2UAD is a malt-forward, full-bodied sipper that highlights the dark-fruity-goodness that emerges from the combination of dark specialty malts and Belgian yeast. Grab a sample of each at the taproom and feel your tongue do somersaults trying to figure out what the hell is going on.

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Ravaged, MvI, Salty Beard

It’s a busy week here in Naperville.

We have three beers returning to our lineup, two of them in bottles. Ravaged By Vikings is our American double IPA brewed with Simcoe and Columbus for resinous, pine-sap flavor and dry-hopped with a blend of American hops for a huge citrus, pine-resin nose. Man vs. Internet is our Belgo-American double red ale that combines caramel, oatmeal sweetness with dark fruit and spice for a full-bodied flavorsmack. Salty Beard is our single-hop Belgian IPA, brewed and dry-hopped this time with El Dorado hops for huge melon, tropical fruit, and citrus character, all packed on top of some big fruity Belgian-style yeast esters and absolutely no salt whatseover.

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Everyone loves a good staring contest–until you realize you’re retina-deep in a psychopath.

We’re here to help you steer clear of that debacle and point your pupils toward something dark–just not Ted Bundy dark. This week, we release Psychogaze, our American porter. Loaded with Munich, crystal, chocolate, and black malts for a complex malt character that hits the full spectrum of caramel, toast, roast, and earthy coffee. Rolled oats add a velvety texture to the beer’s medium body, while Nugget and Willamette hops contribute fruity, earthy aromatics.

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Vetrnætr: Season of Vikings

Each year at this time, the Norse thanked the gods for the year’s harvest and asked for protection through the coming winter with feast, drink, and sacrifice. Winternights, or Vetrnætr, marked a period of transition from travel and harvest to hunting and hunkering.

This is a period of transition at Solemn Oath as well. The weather demands a different approach to IPA–heartier, more pine-sap than citrus, and more pillage and plunder than oi oi oi. These are the days when we decommission the Snaggletooth Bandana Econoline and herald the return of Kidnapped By Vikings.

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August Beer Releases

Oh, nice. You made it.

I was worried you would be too panic-stricken from oh, you know, the methane gas escaping from the Arctic, the outbreak of an untreatable virus, our poorly secured nuclear weapons, the violent conflicts spread across Eurasia, our border crisis, our vanishing and toxic drinking water, the impending Hawaiian hurricane sandwich, and what-not to even chance opening your eyes, let alone your browser. Well, here you are anyway! Whether it’s bravery, non-chalance, recklessness, or sheer ignorance that got you here, I promise: it’s safe. Beer news, and that’s it. Isn’t that a nice warm blanket of wool over your eyes? This month, fresh batches of Snaggletooth Bandana and Butterfly Flashmob will continue to roll out in draft form, along with some new releases and one returning favorite.

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July Beer Releases

High summer, man. Can’t beat it. A few weeks from now I’ll be kicking around on a road trip to Portland and won’t think for a second about what you’re drinking in Chicago, but for now I’m kind of obligated to clue you in. Here we go.

Light-bodied, dry, and citrusy is still the battle cry. Snaggletooth Bandana, Hexafoos, and Butterfly Flashmob are in good supply around town. None More Black is, too, and hits all those attributes, but swap citrus for dank pine resin. In new releases, here’s what’s what.

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June-ish Beer Releases

June, the time of year when…ah, you know what, let’s just do the damn thing.

Snaggletooth Bandana, Butterfly Flashmob, and Hexafoos will keep flowing on tap. The taproom has a nice selection of bombers available, including Foux du Fafa, E-Ville, ultrahighfrequency, Scareball, and Axe Scar Pig. Annnnnnnnd since we haven’t got you , so I’m rolling in a few of those as well. Thanks, CCBW, sorry everyone else.

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