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"And I thought, maybe he’s real, this wolf, and he’s really out there in a white van somewhere, riding around. Maybe he’s in the far back, pacing back and forth, circling, the pads of his huge paws raw and cracking, his thick, sharp claws dully clicking against the raised rusty steel track ridges on the floor. Maybe he’s sound asleep, or maybe he’s just pretending. And then the van stops somewhere, maybe, and somebody gets out and walks around the side to the back and grabs hold of the handle and flings the doors open wide." Dry hopped Belgian style wit bursting with orange dreamsicle flavors and aromas.

  • Style: Dry Hopped Belgian-Style Wit
  • ABV: 4.7%
  • IBU: 15
  • Serving Size: 16oz.
  • Glass: bulb
Food Pairing: Fish tacos
  • Available Now at Taproom,
  • Belgian-Style,
  • Limited Release,
  • Recently Released,
  • Yeast-Driven