Limited Edition Oath Day Pre-Sale Tee

At Solemn Oath skateboarding and its culture has served as a major influence of our foundation story.

Next week for Oath Day Six (Get tickets) we’ll have this tee shirt available serving as a reminder that creative expression does not have to follow the status quo and can come from absolutely everywhere. There has been a lot of response to this design so better plan we’ve decided to offer it up for pre-sale to dial in our numbers.


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Oath Day Six Nitty Gritty

We’re coming up on the sixth epoch in the world of Oath and June 9th we celebrate. Each year this beer party and celebration of all things SOB just keeps getting bigger and stronger. Oath Day Six will not disappoint and we can’t wait to hang with you.

As we have each year we’d like to let you know that the point of Oath Day is to have a good time. Be responsible, be smart, and plan ahead so you don’t have to figure anything out the day of. We would like to continue to have the option to celebrate on a large scale, so we ask that you respect our neighbors, respect our municipal partners, get a ride, and conduct yourselves in a manor similar to how your mother talks about you to her friends. We cool? Good.

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Memorial Day Weekend 2018

Here we go full thrust into summer with high temps and a righteous sun for Memorial Day Weekend. Proper patio hangs at the Taproom are in order, we have Sunday planned for the city folk, and if you’re traveling we have you covered with many, MANY bitter treats to go.

A few basic items for the weekend and then see what we have for you each day down below.

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Upcoming in Solemn Oath Beer

Feel that pace? We enter May with our foot on the pedal as we prepare for more beer, parties, and reasons to make you smile than ever before.

Gabriel Hounds DDH NE IPA dropped last Saturday and is still available in limited quantities for those interested in all things Citra. This month we’re bringing you batch number two and a proper party for White Van, a brand new Pale Ale that we can’t wait to see your reaction on, some brightly colored wings with the ground thawed, and a slow farmhouse head nod to J.K. Rowling knock-offs. One other thing to remember, Oath Day is June 9th and we’d love to see your faces. Here we go.

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Gabriel Hounds Release

The Gabriel Hounds roamed the dark woods and their terrors have been told since times of old. Some say Spectral and some say Demonic, but the hounds came to harvest the souls of children sometimes taking their faces as their own in the process.

Saturday, May 5 at 11AM we release the Gabriel Hounds into your custody. A New-England IPA punched with the aromatics of supreme Citra. A powerful beak of melon, lime, passion fruit, apricot, peach, and orange built on a rich round mouthfeel. 

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White Van Custom Vans & Custom Van Art Show

In craft beer we all focus so heavily, every single day, on getting the message out that our beer is of high quality. At Solemn Oath we also put a lot of time, effort, and passion into the way in which we present our world class beers to the world. The way that we choose to do this is with our art.

The art community is an incredible one and is a culture that we take great pride in being a part of. May 12th at the brewery we’re grabbing a mirror to shine a light on friends, artists, and collaborators with a unique event. You too can attend and even take part, so please do read this post thoroughly.

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Country Green, do you know what I mean?

Country Green, do you know what I mean?

Debuting at the release party set for Saturday, April 14th along with a stable of bourbon barrel-aged beers, stouts, and a competition-ready porter, we are thrilled to share this unique brew with you. True and pure, Country Green is an American IPA celebrating the verdant beauty of the country with local honey, honey malt, and fragrant hops to create the answer to a poor boy’s dream. We sure as hell hope Don Gibson would be proud.

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Friendship Is Magic

Pinkie Pie, you’re a genius!

There may not be a more triumphant collaboration than one that also brings just a little bit of twinkle to the eye. This year we are again partnering with the wonderful people of Whinny City Pony Con, Chicagoland’s biggest My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fan convention. Run by a couple of our regulars, over the last few years we’ve learned about the unbelievably welcoming and open-minded community that surrounds MLP.

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The Old Order and All the Mallows

Saturday, April 14 we’re bringing you wood-aged joy, the return of our first bottle, a little bit of honey, and a sweet and robust hybrid of an English Porter and a Russian Imperial Stout. Bottles and cans begin sale in limited quantities beginning at 3PM for the general public.

Dark Horse will be around with actual S’Mores starting 11AM on Saturday and the Taproom will be open normally.

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