Anyone can throw a party celebrating an annual anniversary. At Solemn Oath we enjoy like doing things a little bit differently. Saturday, February 17 will be the 2,100th day our Taproom has existed. What better way than to raise a coffee beer filled glass?

Our friends from Intelligentsia will be hanging while serving coffee and fresh beans to go with tasty treats from The Almighty Dark Horse. The party will go from 11AM to 3PM. Three-tab wristbands will be sold for $21 if you wish to enjoy the specialty beers. Each tab is good for either: one full pour of any beer OR two 4oz pours of the specialty coffee beers. Wristbands will be sold upon entry into the release party area.

First, about the coffee then the beer:


Beverage of Champions Macchiatto
Beverage of Champions Red Eye
Honey Badger Seasonal Espresso
Honey Badger Cappuccino
Cold Coffee
Single Origin Batch Brew Filter Coffee


Kölsch-Style Ale
w/ Intelligentsia Kunga Maitu (Kenya)
A crisp, German style ale featuring mellow malt sweetness reminiscent of wonderbread, and delicate flavors of blueberries and spiced floral hops.

Snaggletooth Bandana
American IPA
w/ Intelligentsia Kunga Maitu (Kenya)
Grapefruit, sweet orange blossom, and super ripe mango aromatics are bolstered by a heavy backbone of roasted coffee flavor.

Ravaged by Vikings
American Double IPA
w/ Intelligentsia Kunga Maitu (Kenya)
Rich caramel malt sweetness is elevated by warm toasted coffee, and doused in piney, vanilla, blackberry accents.

Death by Viking
Imperial IPA
w/ Intelligentsia Kunga Maitu (Kenya)
Caramel cereal sweetness is dominated by an onslaught of pine, grapefruit, cherry, strawberry, and coconut character.

Most Important Beverage of the Day
Milk Stout with Sweet Orange Peel and Coffee
w/ Intelligentsia Tikur Anbessa (Ethiopia)
This full-bodied celebration of a poorly-balanced liquid breakfast like tangy OJ, cocoa puff sopped milk, and a juicy, fruit-forward, and roasty coffee with enough backbone to hold up. The result of this brew is a gluttonously full-bodied, complex milk stout with layers of sweet, rich chocolatey and roasty coffee flavors that’s equal parts bright, citrusy, fruity wake-me-up.

Imperial Mexican Hot Chocolate Stout
This is a super sneak peek of a fall 2018 release. “So you find yourself surrounded by death and horror in the world, and you escape it into lust. But lust has no duration; it leaves you again in the desert.”

Sometimes at the brewery we listen to rock and sometimes we listen to rap. On occasion you might hear some jazz, pop, or a splash of early punk. The important thing to realize is that we’re always lively. Always accomplishing something. Always planning for what we hope will not be your favorite new thing, or the brewery’s favorite new thing, but our favorite thing together. Never complacent and always adapting. Changing the world, probably.