Saturday, April 1st is a big day. Two brand new cans will be released to the world alongside a brand new coffee beer we’re calling Pain Café, and Pain Café’s younger brother, Pain Cave.

We have a lot planned in a short window but the main principle of Saturday, April 1 is to have a good time. These beers are not available for pre-sale and will be available while supplies last. Keep in mind that all of our beer is unfiltered and unpasteurized. Keep these beers cold and drink them fresh.

If you have questions tweet us at @solemnoathbeer. This is what’s up.



Note that we have a separate space for bottle pickup and for the release party. Please enter through the Taproom. Bottle sales start at 10AM and if you’re a member of The Old Order you have a two hour exclusive party for you and a guest from 10AM-12PM. You can always snag your bottles and cans after you hang for a few hours for the release party, or you can get in there beforehand. The choice is yours.


10:00 AM

  • Closed Session for Members of The Old Order. Not a member? You missed out. Keep an eye out for 2018 details towards the end of the year.

12:00 PM

  • Open to all the humans.

2:00 PM (ish)

  • Party in the brew space closes. Bottle/can space closes. All bottle and can sales shift to taproom.

General Things

  • Bring an ID. This, of course, should be the norm with any event involving alcohol but you’d be pretty surprised.
  • The taproom WILL be open for business at noon.



  • Three-tab wristbands will be sold for $21 if you wish to enjoy the specialty beers. Each tab is good for either: one full pour of any beer (full pours range from 9oz to 16oz depending on the beer) OR two 4oz pours of the specialty coffee beers. Wristbands will be sold upon entry into the release party area. (Available at Release Party)


Release Beers:

Pain Café

American Double IPA w/ Intelligentsia Coffee
9% ABV
$15 per 22oz bottle
Pours available with wristbands only

Old Faithorn

American Pale Ale
5.5% ABV
$9.99 per 6-pack
About This Beer:  Bright citrus, melon and tropical fruit hop notes balanced by a light malt sweetness and a medium body.

Kölsch-style Ale
4.7% ABV
$9.99 per 6-pack
About This Beer:  A crisp, thirst-quenching, and refreshing German-style Ale featuring mellow malt sweetness balanced by a delicate spicy, floral hop profile and smooth, fruity ale yeast. Light-bodied and exceptionally sessionable.

Pain Cave

American Double IPA
9% ABV
$6 per 22oz bottle
About This Beer: Crisp, citrus hop aroma and firm bitterness balanced by light caramel malt sweetness and medium body.

Plus two versions of Lü w/ Kilogram tea

Pours available with wristbands only

Additional Beer Info

  • Cans of super fresh Snaggletooth Bandana, our American IPA, and FunSponge, our Belgo-American Blonde Ale, will be available for purchase if you appreciate fresh beer (Available at Bottle Pickup).



  • Gobble Dogs will be in attendance beginning at noon for all of your eats and treats needs. They sold out of food at the last release, so keep that in mind.

Other Stuff


The goal we have at Solemn Oath is simple. And maybe someday you will figure out what that goal really is. We’re going to change the world, probably. Enjoy.