Here we go full thrust into summer with high temps and a righteous sun for Memorial Day Weekend. Proper patio hangs at the Taproom are in order, we have Sunday planned for the city folk, and if you’re traveling we have you covered with many, MANY bitter treats to go.

A few basic items for the weekend and then see what we have for you each day down below.

  • Friday through Monday, any active or retired US Military personnel can come to the Taproom and have their first beer on us. We of course thank you and we would like to show that gratitude in beer.
  • Mix-and-match cases of 12oz six-packs are just $30 so if you’re having a cookout, going camping, are posting up and catching up on Westworld, have to bring something to your in-laws, or just need a case of beer. We’ve got you. Lü, End All IPA, Snaggletooth Bandana, and Old Faithorn are all like that thirty-seven year-old cousin you have that still lives at home, they’re eligible.

This Weekend in the World of SOB:


Taproom 12PM
Solemn Oath is an official pickup location for the Illinois Craft Brewers Guild Summer Passport. The first day to pickup is May 25th and with the program running through August 25th. Pick up your Summer Passport at an official pickup location beginning May 25. Visit participating breweries, taprooms and brewpubs, order a craft beer, and collect a Visa Sticker. Collect 40+ Visa Stickers and look here to find out what you get. It’s a program for the biggest local brewery supports in the state of Illinois. Are you worthy?

Butterfly Flashmob comes back home in 16-oz tall boys. A bitterly hop-forward melånge of citrus, tropical fruit, and floral aromas balanced properly and with purpose. Canned fresh this week.

Taproom 5PM-9PM
Crust Culture is coming with their hand-crafted, locally sourced pizzas prepared to perfection on a mobile wood-fired pizza trailer. There really isn’t anything else that needs to be said because the pizzas speak for themselves and this run-on sentence is really only here for visual balance in the post.


Taproom 11AM
Harry Potter? Never heard of him. This Saturday at open we introduce you to our newest can release, Larry Powder the Magical Boy. Larry Powder, you know, the magical boy? A refreshing and thirst quenching dry hopped saison that features German Saphir hops to accentuate the spicy pepper notes of the saison yeast rounded out with floral aromas that hint at fruity sweetness.


Taproom 1PM-5PM
Gnarly Knots Pretzel Company and their addictive edible dreams are at the brewery to re-invent everything you thought you understand and knew about pretzels.


Bangers & Lace – Chicago 12PM-10PM
Bangers & Lace and Solemn Oath Brewery have partnered up to throw one hell of a party on Sunday, May 27th. We’re shutting down Paulina Street, we’ve asked our friends from Cream City in Milwaukee to bring down their halfpipe. Partners on this include Pardon My Thrashing, Ryan Duggan, Truck Stop, Windy City Rollers and more. RSVP here on the FB. Or just come.


Taproom 12PM-5PM
Crust Culture returns. Check out their menu to see the sights including the Portia di Milo made of calabrese honey sausage, candied jalapeños, blackberry balsamic onions, and mozzarella so fresh the European Union is trying to figure out how to put an extra tariff on it.


Taproom 1PM-5PM
Steak, chicken, al pastor, and vegetarian tacos on tortillas that may redefine your understanding of what it means to love with Arnold’s Tacos. Come hang and close out the holiday weekend with 89 degree heat forecasted and a patio to enjoy. And by all means bring your dog.

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Sometimes at Solemn Oath we listen to rock and sometimes we listen to rap. On occasion you might hear some jazz, pop, or a splash of early punk. The important thing to realize is that we’re always lively. Always accomplishing something. Always planning for what we hope will not be your favorite new thing, or the brewery’s favorite new thing, but our favorite thing together. Never complacent and always adapting. Changing the world, probably.