Within the walls here at the brewery we look at 2017 as the beginning of Solemn Oath 2.0. This year we’ll be celebrating our fifth anniversary, which is crazy. With your ongoing support we have accomplished some incredible things.

We have cans all over the Chicagoland market, an incredible amount of supporting accounts in the draft world, and our wood-aged beer membership, The Old Order, continues to grow and thrive. With this growth comes a renewed focus on innovation that I can tell you is part of our foundation in 2017, 2018, and beyond.

Since we opened we’ve been experimenting with our friends at Intelligentsia Coffee, blending a variety of their coffees with our beer, resulting earlier this year in our first-ever bottle release of a coffee beer: Most Important Beverage of the Day. The response has been overwhelming and even came with a nod from Draft Magazine saying MIBD was one of the 25 best beers of 2016.

On Wednesday, December 21, at noon we will begin the pre-sale of Most Important Beverage of the Day and for the first time it won’t be released alone. For those of you that have been to our taproom, you’ve experienced our bourbon-barrel aged version in Beverage of Champions. This January we will be bottling this beer for the very first time and releasing it alongside its fresh cousin. Both beers will be available for pre-sale on December 21 and available for pickup on Saturday, January 21.



Stage Zero: What the hell are they?

Most Important Beverage of the Day
Milk Stout with Sweet Orange Peel and Coffee
22oz Bottle
7.2% ABV
$13 (Reduced from $15 in 2016) per bottle
Limit of 12 per customer

We pack all the flavors you would hope to find in a poorly-balanced liquid breakfast into Most Important Beverage of the Day: tangy orange juice, the last few drops from the cereal bowl of highly concentrated cocoa puff milk, and a full-bodied, fat, juicy, fruity, and roasty coffee. The result is a gluttonously full-bodied, complex milk stout with layers of sweet, rich chocolatey and roasty coffee flavors that’s equal parts bright, citrusy, fruity wake-me-up. It’s the liquid equivalent of dual-movement major-minor guitar epics–”Layla”, “Freebird”, or “Stairway”, your call. The coffee we selected with our friends at Intelligentsia Coffee this year is an Tikur Anbessa – Ethiopia. This coffee plays so nice with beer we almost feel like it’s cheating, but, ultimately, not putting this bright, fruity, boldly acidic bean into your brew would be the real swindle.


Beverage of Champions
Milk Stout with Sweet Orange Peel and Coffee
Aged 12mos in Dickel Bourbon Barrels
22oz Bottle
8.2% ABV
$20 per bottle
Limit of 4 per customer

Last February, we socked away a healthy amount of Most Important Beverage of the Day into Dickel bourbon barrels. We’ve tasted through these barrels occasionally, and they’ve told us over and over: “Wait, wait, wait. It will be worth it.” We typically only listen to inanimate objects on vision quests and at Phish concerts, but don’t ever forget that beer is a living thing! And it recently told us it’s ready. We have barrels that have gone bourbon-heavy with new flavors of vanilla, caramel, and coconut pushing through the viscous roasty, chocolatey flavor membrane. Across the entire set of barrels, we’re pleased with the very full body still in the beer. We want this to be a beer that not only smells and tastes wonderful, but FEELS amazing on your palate while and after you drink it. The combination of non-fermentable lactose, dark malt flavors, and bright overtones has us well on track. We will rack this beer out of barrels shortly, add freshly brewed Tikur Anbessa and sweet orange peel to it, and send it your way.


Stage One: Pre-Sale

Up to twelve (12) bottles of Most Important Beverage of the Day and up to four (4) bottles of Beverage of Champions per customer will be available online for the pre-sale beginning Wednesday, December 21st at 12:00PM CST and running until supplies run out or Friday, January 20th at 11:59PM CST. If you take advantage of the pre-sale, you’ll guarantee that you have beers set aside for you and will be able to pick them up at the release party on January 21st, or if you can’t make it, anytime between January 21st and February 18th, after which we will put any bottles not yet picked up back on sale and no refund will be given.

Links to the pre-sale will be made available on this site as well as on our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts.

You will receive email confirmation which will serve as your receipt. You should bring this with you for pick-up. Digital or paper is fine. We ask that your state-issued identification match the name on your receipt.

Stage Two: Release Party & General Sales

On January 21st from 12PM to 3PM we’ll be hosting a release party at the brewery complete with Intelligentsia coffee and breakfast offerings. On that day in addition to the two beers above and while supplies last, we’ll be offering howler (32oz. to go) fills and draft options for two additional coffee beers that will be announced soon. At that time we will release any bottles that are not reserved for pre-sale customers in the brewery. Again, we cannot guarantee there will be any bottles left. The taproom will be business as usual, and after the initial rush bottle sales may be available there as well.

Members of The Old Order will be invited to a bottle pickup and preview night on the evening of Tuesday, January 17th. Details to hit your emails after the holidays.

The goal we have at Solemn Oath is simple. And maybe someday you will figure out what that goal really is. We’re going to change the world, probably. Enjoy.