We’re coming up on the sixth epoch in the world of Oath and June 9th we celebrate. Each year this beer party and celebration of all things SOB just keeps getting bigger and stronger. Oath Day Six will not disappoint and we can’t wait to hang with you.

As we have each year we’d like to let you know that the point of Oath Day is to have a good time. Be responsible, be smart, and plan ahead so you don’t have to figure anything out the day of. We would like to continue to have the option to celebrate on a large scale, so we ask that you respect our neighbors, respect our municipal partners, get a ride, and conduct yourselves in a manor similar to how your mother talks about you to her friends. We cool? Good.


If you’ve never been able to attend Oath Day or have no idea what we’re talking about you can secure your tickets starting at just $20. We don’t accept walkups so lock down your spot beforehand.

Here’s what’s up:


The Nitty Gritty

  • Ages twenty-one and over only for this party.
  • Have your tickets accessible so everyone can get in and party. If you bought tickets you should have received an email from EventSprout at the time of purchase. No need to waste any dead trees, mobile will work, we operate just like most ticket apps minus all of the continued tracking of your location and recording of conversations.
  • There is no three beer limit for this event.
  • The taproom will NOT be open to non-ticketed SOBs before, during, or after the event. We will re-open Sunday, June 10 and anything left over–draft, cans, merch, sweaty hugs–will be available then. No guarantees on what’s left.
  • As with years before you can park anywhere in the 1661 or 1665 Quincy complex. Overflow parking will be allowed across Brookshire Court if needed but really you should get a ride or utilize a ride share.
  • Beer service will start exactly at 4PM, but we will allow entry fifteen-ish minutes early to cut down on your time in line and spread everybody out.
  • Cans purchased to go are not for consumption at Oath Day or in the parking lots around the brewery.
  • Re-entry will be allowed so you can purchase merch, bottles, cans, stuff from vendors, etc. and stash them in your car if you drove.
  • We have a rad market element this year so please treat our partners and their things (until you buy them, then they’re your things) with care and respect.
  • This transitions well into mentioning Solemn Oath’s very strict Don’t Be an Asshole Policy. Make new friends, keep your old ones before they abandon you, crush some rippers, and please celebrate with us as loudly as you wish. But, don’t be an asshole. We want to keep having these parties and rely on you to keep yourself and your friends you’re hanging with in check.
  • Please respect our neighbors. Let’s not litter the surrounding neighborhood with wristbands and cans which happens every year. Help us keep the neighborhood in order.
  • Gentlemen, brush up on your bathroom etiquette and get that toilet seat out of the line of fire and back in place when you’re done.
  • We’re Solemn Oath so bring that plastic. Credit card only for additional beer tokens, merchandise, cans, and anything we sell.
  • Payment for food is at the discretion of vendors–so if you want options please plan for cash as well as card.
  • If you’re going to take advantage of the print your own tee shirt option we’d get to that booth early, they have finite time and tees.
  • If you find yourself in need of a ride after your session, you can reach Naperville Taxi at 630-355-5959 or Naperville DuPage Taxi at 630-961-3232. Or get a Lyft since Uber has been having a rough few years in terms of, well, pretty much everything.
  • The weather is currently calling for mid-80s temps so be sure you stay hydrated. We’ll have water everywhere.

Tweet at us @solemnoathbeer with any questions where we’ll be fielding questions comments back to those that have them. If you don’t have any, suggested pre #oathday topics include “What is a Cinderland?” and “Your dad always says with pride that his first job in 1972 only paid a salary $13,000. Does he know that had the buying power of $79,000 and change in today’s dollars?” Hit us up if you need anything.

The Beers, The Food, & The Vendors

Man, SOB is always spitting out rules, man. How about we talk about the beer. This year we have more than thirty styles of beer rolling so if your plan is to try them all we totally encourage you to establish a tasting buddy. Intelligentsia is back again for some collaborative creations, some of our favorite food partners are hanging to show you what they’ve got, DJ Joe Darling who doesn’t even live in Illinois anymore has spun vinyl at all the Oath Days and returns just for this party will be on hand, and the vendors. Oh my the vendors. From beard trims to sick prints to puppies. Yes, puppies we will have up for adoption. We really do have it all with a ton of great friends doing cool and interesting things to share with you. Check out the list, look them up. We cannot wait.


The goal we have at Solemn Oath is simple. And maybe someday you will figure out what that goal really is. We’re going to change the world, probably. Enjoy.