September Beer Releases

We know you’ve been buying Christmas decorations and drinking pumpkin beers for months, but we like to keep our seasonal calendar grounded a little more solidly in, oh you know, the calendar.

In case you missed it, we recently released Hexafoos and None More Black. We have some more Wreckagemaster out, and the last batches of this year’s Snaggletooth Bandana are coming out of the tanks as we start brewing Kidnapped By Vikings in its place this week.

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August Beer Releases

For brewers in these parts, August is punctuated by The Great Taste of the Midwest. We gather. We share. We drink. Some streak. We name no names.

In the surrounding days and weeks, we continue making beer. Snaggletooth Bandana and Mr. Inappropriate will be around for awhile longer. Oxford Comma and Lil’ Spitfire are on their way out. Here’s all the rest.


Just like Kidnapped has Ravaged, Snaggletooth Bandana has Wreckagemaster. You’ll recognize the hop flavor and aroma profile of this double IPA from Snaggle, but we brewed it with a higher original gravity and bitterness to take the stakes just that much higher. This beer is smooth and flavorful without being hot or sharp; it’s eight-percent so mind your intake. Wide release, available now. Read more about Wreckagemaster.

label-butterflyflashmobButterfly Flashmob

We love our Belgian yeast and American hops around here. Their flavors and aromas can complement each other in unexpected ways. In this beer, they meld into a melony, grassy, slightly spicy fusion. We love this beer, and so do you. As soon as Flashmob went out of rotation, we started hearing about it. “Where’d Flashmob go? When’s it coming back?” That’s enough out of you. Here it is. Wide release, available early August. Read more about Butterfly Flashmob.


This is the new kid. In the same family as Whisper Kisses, but half the intensity. This is a flavorful, drinkable beer for the late summer. Lots of fruity, tangy yeast character from a Belgian strain fermented on the warm side. Tropical fruit aroma, citrus hop flavor, light body, dry finish. Limited release, available late August. Read more about Hexafoos.

NoneMoreBlackNone More Black

This is an easy favorite of the SOB crew. Pitch black, dry, and funky with a big pine-resin aroma. This will be the second batch of None More Black, and it’s going to show up in time for you to break out a growler around a bonfire and find yourself everyone’s new favorite friend. Think of Hexafoos and None More Black as your twenty-four-hour funky beer solution. Limited release, available late August/early September. Read more about None More Black.

Each month we will give you a preview of what to expect in the way of beer releases. In no way are we saying we’ll actually meet your expectations–just set them. If this sounds good to you, you should probably reevaluate every important relationship in your life. Like, now.

It’s About Time

The Inaugural Naperville Ale Fest is only a month a way. We look forward to celebrating and exposing new people to craft beer in our hometown. We’ve known about this project for a year as Josh Seago and his team have been hell-bent on designing a festival of national caliber.

In its first year they’ve been able to draw 75+ breweries who are coming on board to pour over 180 beers. General admission tickets are a reasonable $45 and the VIP offerings are already sold out. Back in March, Michael Kiser of Good Beer Hunting sat down with Josh to gain some insights into his passion and drive to bring this project to light.

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We Need Your Help

The Illinois Craft Brewers Guild (ICGB) is proposing two changes to the Illinois Liquor Code. These changes would allow for the continued growth of an industry that is adding jobs and bringing small businesses to cities and towns across the state. In the past three years, roughly 40 breweries and brewpubs have opened their doors. The craft beer industry in Illinois currently employs approximately 2,500 people.

Read about what’s going on here.

A brewer can receive three different types of licenses:

  • Brewer’s license – allows for the manufacturing of beer and the sale of that beer to distributors.
  • Brewpub license – considered a specialty retail license, allows the licensee to manufacture beer on premise and sell for on-site and off-site consumption at a limited volume. Also allows the licensee to sell to independent distributors. A brewpub is typically a restaurant that serves food and liquor in addition to their manufactured beer.
  • Craft brewer license – a licensed brewer who can manufacture up to 15,000 barrels (465,000 gallons) and self-distribute up to 7,500 barrels (232,500 gallons).
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When we told you last month that we were going into glass, didn’t you think it would take some steel to get there?

Today we received and placed three new 30bbl fermenters from Michigan-based manufacturer GW Kent. With this addition, we will increase production by fifty-four percent (point five if you want to get specific), allowing us to keep the bars and restaurants that already support us in good supply. This will also give us the chance to dig a little deeper into our home turf in the west suburbs. When we get there, packaging will be limited as well. Just one batch each month in twenty-two-ounce bombers, which you can expect to be available this summer. There won’t be many bottles to go around at first, but if there were, you’d want them less anyway.

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May Beer Releases

May. The month of our birth. The month of Chicago Craft Beer Week. The month in which we release four collaboration beers. In which barrels say goodbye to what’s been hibernating inside them for months, or even a year. In which we are embraced again by the sun’s warmth. But let’s not get sentimental about it, we have beers to drink.

Enjoy your thirty-one days of May, remember that it’s fall in the Southern Hemisphere, and try to work the words of the great Notorious B.I.G. into as many conversations as possible, “It was all a dream.”

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LIKE MSNBC, CONSTANT UPDATES – Chicago Craft Beer Week 2013

UPDATED – May 22, 2013

As if you needed a reason to celebrate, May 16-26 will be this year’s rendition of Chicago Craft Beer Week (CCBW). Dozens of craft-focused events will be going down every day throughout the Chicagoland area so you need to plan your calendar accordingly. If CCBW isn’t enough to get you anxious, please keep in mind that we will also be celebrating our first anniversary.

Download the APP.

Disclaimer: Please do not make any attempt to determine how much money you have spent in the past year at the Solemn Oath Brewery taproom or on our beer in the wild. This information will do nothing for you. The only type of measurement you should be making is in joy, and we’re guessing that’s pretty high.

OK. Chicago Craft Beer Week, eleven days of pure madness. Here is our schedule (for now):

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