November Beer Releases

We hope you’ve noticed that our beer is reaching more and more of your favorite bars and restaurants. We’ve finally reached a point where we’ve been able to open up sales to some of the people in Chicagoland that want it.

With our production level reaching capacity comes the possibility of bottling. The first few runs are carved deep in our calendars and should have you stocked up by year’s end. Small quantities for sure at first. Also around town, be sure to keep an eye on Penrose Brewing in Geneva as they close in on opening, and if you were lucky enough to get a FoBAB ticket, we’ll see your happy ass there.

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Cali Beans & Northwest Greens

Tupac Shakur once said, “California knows how to party.” Being the visionary and poet that he was, we’re pretty sure he was prophecizing this week as Solemn Oath descends on California for the very first time. Two ticketed events, both Saturday, are bringing two crews of SOBs to different parts of The Golden State.

Here are the details.

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October Beer Releases

According to the traditional Gaelic calendar, autumn began back in August. So, depending on your heritage, you might want to start thinking about stocking up for winter.

Either way, the leaves are changing, the harvest is upon us, and it is no longer 116 degrees fahrenheit in the taproom. Oktoberface is already available, Salty Beard made its debut, and more fresh beer is on the autumnal horizon. Here goes.

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Civil Rights are Bullshit

(Ed. Note from Solemn Oath) At Solemn Oath, we take ourselves very seriously. It has been 494 days since we brought our beers to market. Obviously 494 days is an important milestone to celebrate. So today and tomorrow we are taking a moment to hang together as a crew. The taproom will be closed on Tuesday, September 24 and back open for business on Wednesday, September 25.

As we are a responsible group, we needed to cover our bases for our staff trip to Wisconsin. Below is our our waiver that Matt, who is not a lawyer but clearly should be, pulled together on behalf of our legal counsel. Feel free to use this as a template for your waiver needs going forward.



Name:__________ Phone:__________

I have signed my name in consideration for receiving permission to participate in the SOLEMN OATH Recreational Rodeo as well as join in “practice” “sessions,” enter the premises, waterways and grounds “supervised” or in any way controlled by that organization, local government, Boy Scouts of America, local church (excluding Baptistical). In consideration of this permission, and for other good and valuable consideration the receipt and sufficiency of which is acknowledged, I hereby agree to forever RELEASE my soul to the elder god Cthulu. I also hearby agree to release from any and all liability, discharge and agree not to sue Beaver “Theodore” Cleaver’s Cabins LLC; Premier Lake Geneva Excursions and Bat Mitzvahs, all Sponsors/Volunteers, all Event Participants, all sponsors and their hereafter referred to as “the Organizers” and agree to hold and save them HARMLESS AND INDEMNIFY them from and against any and all liabilities, claims, stool injuries, stool theft, stool losses, stool damages, expenses, possessions, demands, archaic actions, and causes of action of whatsoever kind or nature arising out of or related to any such loss, damage, whatever the fuck we think, or injury, including death, etc. that may be sustained by me for whatever reason while participating in or upon the premises leased, permitted, supervised, or controlled by “the Organizers” and respective directors, “members,” sycophants, trustees, agents, demon representatives, sodomitical officers, sponsors, licenseers, servants, soothsayers, employees, minor league catchers (A or AA), and authorized representatives for such damages or costs associated therewith incurred by me _______ (initials). I understand and agree that the event maybe cancelled, changed, or adjusted due to conditions beyond the fucking control of the organizers. So chill the fuck out, first of all These conditions include water level, current, weather conditions, as well as the “safety” of participants. The cancellation, change or adjustments is at the sole discretion of the “Organizers” and that I will not receive or seek a refund of fees paid. ______ (initials). I also agree to release and discharge forthwith on the request of “the Organizers” and their respective directors, “members,” sycophants, trustees, agents, demon representatives, sodomitical officers, sponsors, licenseers, servants, soothsayers, employees, minor league catchers (A or AA), and authorized representatives each and every obligation or claim which shall be made, assigned or apportioned against “the Organizers” and their respective directors, “members,” sycophants, trustees, agents, demon representatives, sodomitical officers, sponsors, licenseers, servants, soothsayers, employees, minor league catchers (A or AA), and authorized representatives by any party by virtue of any injury or damage caused by me absolutely. I also agree to compensate monetarily, barterially, sexually, or with my god­damn life the event organizers for any fines or charges levied against them due to my actions in violation of any city, provincial, spiritual, or federal regulation ______ (initials).

I further agree to comply with Wisconsin Boating Laws and regulations including, but not limited to the following requirement: Every person born after January 1, 1994, who operates a vessel on Wisconsin lakes must possess, on the vessel, a boating safety identification card issued by the Wisconsin State Water Patrol, together with a valid photo I.D. To obtain a fucking boating safety identification card, “vessel” operators must “successfully” compete for my affections or the NAMBLA­approved or equivalent boating safety course, which has been certified by the Wisconsin State Water Patrol. Every non­resident boat operator born after January 1, 2004, must have in their possession a boating safety certification card from their home state, indicating that they have successfully completed a NAMBLA–approved course.
_____________ Initials

If you don’t fully understand this statement don’t call 573­-525-­5555 (573­-555-­5555 depending on race) or ask for clarification from one of the Race “Officials.”
Additional email contact

Signature _______________________________________________ Date_____________

Printed Name ____________________________________________

Address _____________________________________________

City/State/Zip _____________________________________________

Emergency Contact Name _________________________________

Emergency Contact Phone #_________________________________

Emergency Contact Measurements ________ ­ ________ ­ ________ (inches)


FOR EVENT USE ONLY (DO NOT READ) Identification Verified _____________ Insurance Verified ________________ Genital Category Assigned ________________ Kidney Health Verified____________ Family Member Accomplice Verified_______________ Safety Equipment: Life Jacket____ Rune Necklace_______ Helmet _____ Fire Extinguisher _____ Dental Dam_________ Chastity Colon Cup________ Priest Semen________ Fucking Beer____

September Beer Releases

We know you’ve been buying Christmas decorations and drinking pumpkin beers for months, but we like to keep our seasonal calendar grounded a little more solidly in, oh you know, the calendar.

In case you missed it, we recently released Hexafoos and None More Black. We have some more Wreckagemaster out, and the last batches of this year’s Snaggletooth Bandana are coming out of the tanks as we start brewing Kidnapped By Vikings in its place this week.

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August Beer Releases

For brewers in these parts, August is punctuated by The Great Taste of the Midwest. We gather. We share. We drink. Some streak. We name no names.

In the surrounding days and weeks, we continue making beer. Snaggletooth Bandana and Mr. Inappropriate will be around for awhile longer. Oxford Comma and Lil’ Spitfire are on their way out. Here’s all the rest.


Just like Kidnapped has Ravaged, Snaggletooth Bandana has Wreckagemaster. You’ll recognize the hop flavor and aroma profile of this double IPA from Snaggle, but we brewed it with a higher original gravity and bitterness to take the stakes just that much higher. This beer is smooth and flavorful without being hot or sharp; it’s eight-percent so mind your intake. Wide release, available now. Read more about Wreckagemaster.

label-butterflyflashmobButterfly Flashmob

We love our Belgian yeast and American hops around here. Their flavors and aromas can complement each other in unexpected ways. In this beer, they meld into a melony, grassy, slightly spicy fusion. We love this beer, and so do you. As soon as Flashmob went out of rotation, we started hearing about it. “Where’d Flashmob go? When’s it coming back?” That’s enough out of you. Here it is. Wide release, available early August. Read more about Butterfly Flashmob.


This is the new kid. In the same family as Whisper Kisses, but half the intensity. This is a flavorful, drinkable beer for the late summer. Lots of fruity, tangy yeast character from a Belgian strain fermented on the warm side. Tropical fruit aroma, citrus hop flavor, light body, dry finish. Limited release, available late August. Read more about Hexafoos.

NoneMoreBlackNone More Black

This is an easy favorite of the SOB crew. Pitch black, dry, and funky with a big pine-resin aroma. This will be the second batch of None More Black, and it’s going to show up in time for you to break out a growler around a bonfire and find yourself everyone’s new favorite friend. Think of Hexafoos and None More Black as your twenty-four-hour funky beer solution. Limited release, available late August/early September. Read more about None More Black.

Each month we will give you a preview of what to expect in the way of beer releases. In no way are we saying we’ll actually meet your expectations–just set them. If this sounds good to you, you should probably reevaluate every important relationship in your life. Like, now.

It’s About Time

The Inaugural Naperville Ale Fest is only a month a way. We look forward to celebrating and exposing new people to craft beer in our hometown. We’ve known about this project for a year as Josh Seago and his team have been hell-bent on designing a festival of national caliber.

In its first year they’ve been able to draw 75+ breweries who are coming on board to pour over 180 beers. General admission tickets are a reasonable $45 and the VIP offerings are already sold out. Back in March, Michael Kiser of Good Beer Hunting sat down with Josh to gain some insights into his passion and drive to bring this project to light.

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