It’s nearly the time of year where you’re either looking to party with, or escape from, your friends for the coming holiday. Solemn Oath has your back. Here’s what we have going.

This is meant to inform you and let you know what’s happening at SOB. As always you can hit us on the social medias if you have any questions.


  • Friday 11/17: Dark Horse is kicking things off with badass fine fare starting at 5PM. Beers flowing until 11PM.
  • Saturday 11/18: The 2PM tour of the brewery will be given by David so it is possible that the content may be a bit weightlifting and bulldog heavy. This is a great way to get behind the veil and learn what we’re about. Open until 11PM.
  • Sunday 11/19: Sunday is hanging. Nothing to promote. If you’re looking for a chill day at brewery this is it. We close at 7PM because we have lives too.
  • Monday 11/20: Our first-ever trivia extravaganza kicks off at 6PM. Like starts at 6PM so definitely be here to get signed up before that. We made one of those FB event thingies so check that out for more information. We’re also tapping a special preview of the 2018 Beverage of Champions, one of our more celebrated bourbon barrel-aged beers. Will we have food? Yes.
  • Tuesday 11/21: The homies from Roaming Hog start to blow your pork-loving mind at 6PM with fresh, fresh, beers flowing until 9PM.
  • Wednesday 11/22: This is not a day to work. The Taproom opens early at 11AM with food again from Roaming Hog. BLee’s Smoking takes over at 2PM and we’re here for you to lean on all night until 11PM. A ton of us from the brewery will be hanging late so we’d love to have you join.

As always, be safe and sound. We hope to see you out or drinking fresh local beer wherever you may be.


The goal we have at Solemn Oath is simple. And maybe someday you will figure out what that goal really is. We’re going to change the world, probably. Enjoy.