We brew our single-hop American pale ale a few times every year to give some of the many hop varietals we use a chance to hog the spotlight. This time, it’s Chinook.

We usually use Chinook in conjunction with a citrusy, currant-ish, or tropical fruit-leaning hop like Cascade, Amarillo, or Galaxy to give the overall hop profile the Americanity we’re shooting for, but ‘nook is flying solo in this batch. Going lone ‘nook. It’s a one ‘nook rodeo. Rolling ‘nook deep. American denim, five pockets, one ‘nook. Ya dig? (Ed. Note: That’s a lot of puns). We used three different sources of Chinook to develop a degree of hop complexity while staying true to the single-hop agenda. The result is a pale ale that won’t grab you with fruity tendrils and shake you, but one that will scrub your tastebuds with spruce sap until you see Sasquatch.

Skinny Jeans pours golden and releases the piney, resinous aromas characteristic of Chinook hops.  The flavor is nearly balanced between malt and hops, but slanted gently towards bitter and full of pine and a spicy, almost peppery quality you don’t get in some Chinook lots, and certainly not with low or moderate usage. The finish is medium-dry with a gentle but firm bitterness. skinny_jeans_body_widthDB5A5580-1

Skinny Jeans R Ridiculous

  • Chinook Single-Hop American Pale Ale
  • 5.8% Alc./Vol.
  • 45 IBUs
  • Draft only. Available on in the Solemn Oath taproom shortly. Follow @solemnoathbeer on Twitter or Instagram for the announcement. Limited Chicagoland distribution begins next week.

Last week, we brought our American IPA Snaggletooth Bandana back into the rotation. Next up is our American farmhouse ale Hexafoos.

As they roll through, we will give you a preview of what to expect in the way of beer releases. In no way are we saying we’ll actually meet your expectations–just set them. If this sounds good to you, you should probably reevaluate every important relationship in your life. Like, now.