The Old Order is a revered group of SOB supporters who seek established access to the most limited beers that we have to offer. Throughout the year we’ve been putting batches away in wood for the 2018 rendition and we’re very excited to share our third year with you.

2018 is an important year for us at Solemn Oath and we have a lot of exciting projects going. This past year we’ve added capacity, introduced 16oz tall boys for the first time, and expanded our Taproom footprint. If you missed the announcement, we recently added Andrew Mason as our new director of brewery operations. In 2017 The Old Order was presented with a FoBAB-award winner, handed bottles of bourbon barrel-aged beers galore, and provided limited access to draft-only variants of every release. Again in 2017, we are proud to say more than 90% of our wood-aged beer reached the hands of members of The Old Order and their invited guests.

But enough about the past. This membership is about the future. As we mentioned we’ve been squirreling product away all year for 2018 release. This will be a year garnering never before bottled beers, completely new beers, high-gravity, and a definite bourbon barrel focus. All of the highest quality that we are capable of. We consider members of The Old Order to be a huge part of the Solemn Oath family, a commitment we do not take lately.

New members of The Old Order can gain access to these unique beers with a $195 commitment that pays for itself straight away in over $200 of beer and merchandise.


What you’ll get by joining The Old Order in 2018:

  • Eight (8) 22 oz. bottles of SOB’s wood-aged beer. The release schedule will again be two bottles roughly quarterly, released at the same time. Sometimes these will be the same beer, other times it will be one bottle each of two different beers. It depends solely on which beers are ready and at the highest level of quality.

  • One (1) 22 oz. bottle of an exclusive beer for members of The Old Order.

  • Numbered “The Old Order” key tag to verify your membership to SOB staff for pickups, discounts, and other privileges.

  • Opportunity to join the SOB crew at events exclusively available to The Old Order members and your guests. These are held quarterly and additional fees may apply.

  • Your bottles will be held at the brewery for pickup at each release party or within 4 weeks of that date, at which point they will be surrendered to Solemn Oath Brewery without refund. We cannot store these beers at our facility beyond this time allotment.

  • Right to designate a trustee to pick up your beer.

  • First access to additional limited wood-aged beer releases.

  • Advanced ticket purchase opportunity for up to eight (8) tickets for our annual Oath Day celebration.

  • 15% Discount for brewery merchandise at the Solemn Oath taproom from January 1, 2018 through the end of the day December 31, 2018.

  • First right of refusal and priority enrollment for subsequent yearly memberships in The Old Order.

The Old Order Membership Price: $195


Date: Thursday, December 7 at 12PM

Information: Memberships will be made available online at noon on this day. They will continue to be available online while supplies last. This simplifies the process and creates fairness for those that are not able to make it out in person.

A link will be provided on this website and all of our social media channels just prior to the memberships going on sale.


Once you join, if you’re looking for additional information and another update channel, please follow The Old Order on Facebook. You must be a member to follow.

While we anticipate being able to offer additional bottles of these wood-aged for sale outside of the program, there is always uncertainty inherent to aging beer in wood. What we can tell you is that we’re planning enough capacity to be able to make the very best of our wood-aged projects part of the program, and to be able to part with poorly developing barrels rather than incorporating them into the final blends. We’re also planning on having enough of these beers to offer on draft in the taproom regularly for all SOBs. Our production schedule may change for a number of reasons, including that the planned beers are not ready, or there is insufficient inventory. Swapping out beers for this or any other reason in our discretion. Finally, there may be wood-aged releases available entirely outside of the program.