Every April, we start the vikings on a six-month hiatus and bring in the IPA series we were inspired to brew by the legendary dumpster-punk trio The Snaggletooth Bandana.

Nobody has been able to confirm this, but I’ve heard from four different third-hand sources that the Fireside Bowl was so named because Franklin Delano Roosevelt caught polio at a ‘Dana show there back in ’21 when it was Icepick Eddy’s Lock-N-Key Coldbox. Heady shit man! Can you imagine? Snaggletooth Bandana is our American IPA, more west coast than Kidnapped By Vikings in that it lacks the caramel sweetness and some of the body, with a tropical fruit-driven hop character rather than citrus and pine.


The Snaggletooth Bandana

  • American IPA
  • 6.5% Alc./Vol.
  • 85 IBUs
  • Available on draft beginning this Friday, May 1 in the Solemn Oath taproom and around Chicagoland the following week. It will be around and plentiful through September.


After digging into the history of the early shows (little-known fact: FDR’s presidential library has the most complete collection of turn-of-the-century obscuro-xtreme American music), we uncovered a live set from the short-lived demolition-core supergroup Wreckagemaster, comprised of the guys who killed some of the ‘Dana cats in a bar fight alongside who else but the surviving Snaggle members. Strange how shit works out! Gotta pay the bills, ya know. Wreckagemaster is our double IPA, with huge tropical and citrus aromas and a dry finish with pleasant lingering bitterness.

wreckagemaster_webP1020487 P1020469


  • Double IPA
  • 8.0% Alc./Vol.
  • 115 IBUs
  • Available on draft and in bombers beginning Friday, April 3rd in the Solemn Oath taproom.


The motherlode of the collection–and actually Eleanor’s acquisition–was the only known stroboscope of Siberian folk metal protest anthem pioneers Pain Cave wailing, man, just wailing. They invented the throw-your-ax-around-your-neck move at this show. It’s a shame they never could fill Ivan the Fool’s shoes after the Proletkult gifted him a genuine commie sickle to use as a guitar strap. Can’t knock those guys for being anything but 100% authentic though. I’m telling you man–FDR was two left turns past Engels; he watched this one with his coffee EVERY. MORNING. Little bit of a local connection here: these guys inspired the famous 90s-era Aurora guitar duo’s song of the same name. Pain Cave is our imperial IPA and the most hop-weighted beer in our repertoire. Devastatingly bitter with Cascade and Simcoe-driven grapefruit aroma.


Pain Cave

  • Double IPA
  • 9.0%  Alc./Vol.
  • So many fucking IBUs
  • Available on draft and in bottles beginning mid-June. Watch for a separate announcement.

Last week, we released Eigengrau, our black Kölsch-style ale, and Nonsequitur Metaphor, our new Belgo-American cream ale. Next up, a new single-hop version of Punk Rock and a formal farewell to viking season with a session-minded interpretation of Kidnapped.

As they roll through, we will give you a preview of what to expect in the way of beer releases. In no way are we saying we’ll actually meet your expectations–just set them. If this sounds good to you, you should probably reevaluate every important relationship in your life. Like, now.