The righteously radical rollout of 2018 continues for us here at SOB. Feel the angst, feel the vibe. More beers new and returning are en route over the next several weeks as we continue to push ourselves and bring you this fiery array.

Soon you will see the return of an SOB legacy, some amaranthine isness, and a spark to to the debate of sizeism in this country. We’ll learn what’s glitter is really more of a pale gold, hand you mallows upon mallows, and introduce you to a long forgotten style that had a revival with the fall of the Iron Curtain. All but one of these beers will be bottled or canned. We hope you’ve been enjoying our beer year so far, because we sure as hell are.


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Punk Rock for Rich Kids

Single Hop Belgian-Style Pale Ale
5.5% ABV
As demand and production for Snaggletooth Bandana, Lü, Butterfly Flashmob, and Old Faithorn vaulted heading into early 2017 we were forced to create tank space and kill one of our favorite sons. For years Punk Rock for Rich Kids was a staple at SOB. A warm golden-colored body married together the floral peach and stonefruit offering of the hops. Mild Belgian phenolics adored by those who tend not to like Belgian yeast and a considerate bitterness. As the saying goes, ’twas ever thus.
Draft & 16oz. Cans


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American Brown Ale
6.7% ABV
What does it mean to “be,” to “exist”? What is “is-ness”? Sit down with Meister Eckhart, open your mind’s eye, and debate the reality of reality with this hoppy American Brown ale. Oaky, chocolate, leather, and floral – This beer just totally is.
Draft & 16oz. Cans

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Sizeist Iota

Double Dry-Hopped NE-Style IPA
6.5% ABV
Over about fifty-five Lü cans at the institution that is Bukowski Tavern in Boston we determined that the gameplay design of the pocket-sized board game Iota, in our opinion, is sizeist. The game is solid and will keep you mathematically sharp in a way that your high school algebra teacher would be proud of, but the shortest person playing starts the game. Through trial and error we all determined that person cannot win. We aren’t sure what the game’s creators have against the vertically challenged, but dammit that ain’t right. To offset the sizeism this beer features a massive tower of killer experimental hop additions on a stretched spine of Conan yeast. True to style, everything but small in flavor, and a reminder that regardless of anything, all us have to power and fortitude to stand tall.
Draft & 16oz. Cans


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Whinny City – A Collaboration

American India Pale Ale w/ Guava and Sparkles
6.5% ABV
For the second year in a row we’re partnering with Chicagoland’s biggest My Little Pony convention, Whinny City, this time with an extremely limited release collaboration beer. April 13 we’ll be tapping and releasing a small run of bottles of this American IPA with guava and edible luster dust to give it that sparkle all the Bronies and Pegasisters so richly deserve. MLP is a welcoming community of humans with a shared identity filled with inspiration. It’s time to pony up and try this glitter IPA.
Draft and 22oz Bottles


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Full Mallow Jacket

Bourbon Barrel Aged American Double Stout
10% ABV
Everyone in the Midwest knows that spring has not yet sprung come April. Full Mallow Jacket features our fudgy and American Double Stout with big bourbon, oak, dark chocolate, and coconut notes ripping through a noticeable alcohol warmth. We hope you enjoy — we infused our hearts and souls into this beast.
Draft & 22oz. Bombers

Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 3.03.30 PM

Full Mallow Jacket w/ Marshmallow Stuff

Bourbon Barrel Aged American Double Stout
w/ S’More Inspiration
10% ABV
In 1927, the publication Tramping and Trailing with the Girl Scouts changed the world of hand-based, multi-ingredient, desert sandwiches built to be enjoyed around a campfire. This April we honor their legacy with a SOB brew-inspired “some mores” recipe.  Join us on this culinary adventure as we continue to celebrate any and all things that bring family and friends together.
Draft & 22oz. Bombers (oh yes!)

Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 3.09.57 PM

Combat Marshmallow

American Double Stout
9% ABV
The OG of Solemn Oath packaged beer which made its initial debut in December of 2013. An embodiment of luscious complexity and drinkability best served in a footed glass with your feet up. Share this beer with people you like and bask in its dark chocolate, coffee, resinous, and piney glory.
Draft & 22oz. Bombers


Baltic Porter
7.8% ABV
Was the year that the bears clinched the NFC north vs the Green Bay Packers on Christmas day? No, but it is a robust and complex Baltic style porter that will lead you to find other “83′s” in your life everywhere you look. Rich cocoa with a complex, chewy body that leaves you with a gentle warming.
Draft Only

Country Green

American Honey IPA
6.5% ABV
Support your local bees with this beer featuring one hundred twenty delicious pounds of Certified Organic honey from Heritage Prairie Farm. We add the hive-forged nectar to the whirlpool to make it sure it ferments out for an enduring dryness. Honey malt  driven with a bouquet of honeydew melon and strawberry from German Huell Melon hops. Let this beer serve as a reminder for all of us that above all else protect the queen.
Draft & 16oz. Cans

Thank you for your attention. You are wonderful.

Sometimes at the brewery we listen to rock and sometimes we listen to rap. On occasion you might hear some jazz, pop, or a splash of early punk. The important thing to realize is that we’re always lively. Always accomplishing something. Always planning for what we hope will not be your favorite new thing, or the brewery’s favorite new thing, but our favorite thing together. Never complacent and always adapting. Changing the world, probably.