Feel that pace? We enter May with our foot on the pedal as we prepare for more beer, parties, and reasons to make you smile than ever before.

Gabriel Hounds DDH NE IPA dropped last Saturday and is still available in limited quantities for those interested in all things Citra. This month we’re bringing you batch number two and a proper party for White Van, a brand new Pale Ale that we can’t wait to see your reaction on, some brightly colored wings with the ground thawed, and a slow farmhouse head nod to J.K. Rowling knock-offs. One other thing to remember, Oath Day is June 9th and we’d love to see your faces. Here we go.



Street Photographer

American Pale Ale
6.5% ABV
Vivian Maier was an unknown photographer who’s work was posthumously unearthed in 2007 by John Maloof at an auction in Chicago. She shot stunningly beautiful, candid, expertly composed images of New York and Chicago for decades but never shared them. This beer charges the Citra choppies and pays tribute to her compelling body of work.
Draft & 16oz. Cans



White Van

Dry-Hopped Belgian Style Wit
4.7% ABV
Batch number two of our massively sessionable, massively mouthwatering, dreamsicle-inspired white ale pulled from the soul of Belgian tradition. To celebrate see the poster above for details of our White Van Custom Vans & Custom Van Art Show taking place at the brewery on Saturday, May 12 at 6PM. Over fifty local artists are participating to bring a three-dimensional van to life across a variety artistic disciplines. This party will be unlike anything we’ve done before. Come one, come all.
Draft & 16oz. Cans



Butterfly Flashmob

Belgian-Style India Pale Ale
7.3% ABV
A properly hop-forward melånge of citrus, tropical fruit, melon, and floral aromatics balanced with a light malt amenity. If you have never had this beer fresh you are completely missing out. We brewed it for the first time on August 30, 2012 for our twenty-fifth batch of beer as a brewery. Since then, like a Rolling Stones tour schedule, it just keeps coming back.
Draft & 16oz. Cans


Larry Powder the Magical Boy

Dry-Hopped Saison
4.5% ABV
Larry Powder, you know, the magical boy? A refreshing and thirst quenching dry hopped saison that features German Saphir hops to accentuate the spicy pepper notes of the saison yeast rounded out with floral aromas that hint at fruity sweetness.
Draft & 16oz. Cans



Bangers & Lace and SOB Present a Street Festival

We’re partnering up with our good friends at Bangers & Lace to throw one hell of a party on Sunday, May 27th. Paulina Street will be shut down so we can take it over. Cream City’s half-pipe will be waiting for you to skate it. Our brothers and sisters at Uprise are coming to hang. The beer will be flowing steadily. The jams will be back-to-back.

Check out the full details.  Come one, come all.

Sometimes at the brewery we listen to rock and sometimes we listen to rap. On occasion you might hear some jazz, pop, or a splash of early punk. The important thing to realize is that we’re always lively. Always accomplishing something. Always planning for what we hope will not be your favorite new thing, or the brewery’s favorite new thing, but our favorite thing together. Never complacent and always adapting. Changing the world, probably.