In craft beer we all focus so heavily, every single day, on getting the message out that our beer is of high quality. At Solemn Oath we also put a lot of time, effort, and passion into the way in which we present our world class beers to the world. The way that we choose to do this is with our art.

The art community is an incredible one and is a culture that we take great pride in being a part of. May 12th at the brewery we’re grabbing a mirror to shine a light on friends, artists, and collaborators with a unique event. You too can attend and even take part, so please do read this post thoroughly.




Stage Zero: What the hell is it?

Date/Time: Saturday, May 12 from 6PM-11PM at Solemn Oath Brewery.

This is an open invitation to a group show with a variety of artists interpreting van art and culture. Using the template created by Solemn Oath, artists will craft and piece together their take on a three-dimensional white van. Adding and manipulating the template in ways that folks would to their vans in the 1970’s / 80’s or taking whatever approach the artists would like. The creative aspect associated with vannin’ culture is complete creative freedom, with a community that celebrates its variety. Come out and celebrate the art of vannin’ and the art of making beer.

We will be asking those that attend the event to vote for their favorite execution of the van. Whomever gets the most votes, SOB will make a donation of $500 to the favorite charity of the artist associated with that van.

Stage Two: The Artists

SOB has been in contact with a number of artists of all kinds to invite them to participate in the show. The response has been both humbling and amazing and we’re excited to see where they take the project.

Here is a list of the confirmed participating artists:

Nathan Aldredge –
KC Atabaki – / @kceceliaa
Melina Ausikaitis – / @mausikaitis
Cheri Basak – / @sideshowgallerychicago
Declan Barley
Cindy Bernhard – / @cindybernhard
Jenna Blazevich – / @vichcraft
Marshall Brown – / @marshallgarfieldbrown
Max Brown – / @maxwellquesterbrown
Gokay Calik – / @gokayrules
Kaleigh Carr – / @skeletwarr
Juan Angel Chavez – / @juanangelchavez
Lawrence Dobson – @larryurabastard
Stevie Dread – @steviedread
Nick Fisher – / @sickfisher
Peter Gamen – / @kandyvan
Chris Geick – / @almostoffthemap
Luke Gregulak – / @aseriousman
Jourdon Gullett – / @jourdon
Omar Gutierrez – / @revolutiontattoo
Corinne Halbert – / @corinnehalbert
OJ Hays – / @ojhays
Matthew Hoffman – / @heyitsmatthew / @yabsticker
Ben Houtkamp – / @hellioncoldbrew
Armani Howard – / @gravy_biscuits
Garrett Jensen – @garrett62
Chris Jett
Chantal Johnson – / @chantallerthanyou
Adam Lundquist – / @qpblanch
Erik Lundquist – / @funbeerd
Ryan Thomas Monahan – / @what_thehell
Charlie Megna – / @bummerhighs
Jay Preston Moore – / @xxxgrams
Mike Murphy – / @solemnmike
Natalie Murray – / @natti_blank
Ryan Oliver – / @deathblow74
Kris Olsen – / @koiish
Nate Otto – / @ottonate
Erin Page – / @killhatsumomo
David Pecaro – / @everyday_ghoul
James Pedersen – slime skateboards / @slimepapa
Joey Potts – / @joey_potts
Sergio Roca – / @serge_roca
Shelby Rodeffer – / @smellby
Michael Ruta – / @mikesliceruta
Paul Ruta – / @piz1
Joe Schorgl – / @joeschorgl
Kristina Smith – / @misskrissmith
David Snedden – / @vigoruspizzaparty
Eileen T. – / @ileensan / @_grandcircus / @_otherstudio
Omar Velazquez – / @omarsinh
Susan Williams – / @soozapaloozah
Andrew Wisniewski – / @android.wizard


Stage Three: The Masses

Aspiring and established artists of all kinds are encouraged to download our digital van template RIGHT HERE  and bring life to your vans. We will have a section of the show dedicated specifically to entries by attendees. If you wish to have your van on display we encourage you to get the file printed on 18″ x 24″ paper of a heavier card stock. You need to cut your van out and put everything together. If you are interested in displaying your van we ask that you deliver it erected to the brewery no later than close of business the day before on Friday, May 11. We close at 11PM.

Stage Four: The Show and the Beer

We encourage everyone to join us to celebrate these van creations on May 12 and drink a few White Vans along the way.

Let us know if you have any questions by emailing or by swinging by the brewery. See everyone on the 12th.

The goal we have at Solemn Oath is simple. And maybe someday you will figure out what that goal really is. We’re going to change the world, probably. Enjoy.