We have no idea where this will lead us, but we have a definite feeling it will be a place both wonderful and strange.

On Friday, December 22 at 4PM we’ll be releasing Wonderful & Strange, a brand new double dry-hopped New England style IPA in four-pack 16oz. cans. Distinct from both Strange Old Woods and Call It What You Want before it, Wonderful & Strange is danker than those  tasty A-Frame waves Jeff Spicoli based his life around. Mosaic meets Mandarina Bavaria in a complex amalgamation of the ultimate sploof-inspired sticky take on the style of IPA rooted in the haze of the original Thirteen Colonies.

SOB Says:

This ripper packs your beak with loads of dank, resinous redolence reminiscent of your inaugural visit to Native Roots, Boulder.



Date of Release: Friday, December 22 at 4PM at Solemn Oath Brewery

Eats: You’ll be crushing sliders piled high with meat and coleslaw from the fine folks at Best Truckin’ BBQ. They’ll be around from 4-8PM.

Call It What You Want
Double Dry-Hopped New England-Style IPA
6.3% ABV
$14.99 / 4PK 16oz Cans – No Limit
Just 160 cases available
No growler fills
While Supplies Last