Oath Day Five In Photos

On Saturday, June 10th we celebrated five years of being a brewery with a little something we call Oath Day.

If you made it out to Oath Day to celebrate with us, we thank you and we will raise a glass, probably several, to you this evening. If you missed out, take a look at these photos and weep. Hope you learned your lesson.

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Q&A with Jay Cunningham of Intelligentsia

Our passion is to make beer and every time we’re filling your glass we’re striving to create world class beverage. To do that, sometimes it means partnering with someone whose expertise fills a gap for us and whose collaborative efforts make us stronger.

Recently I sat down with Jay Cunningham, wholesale sales and coffee buyer for Intelligentsia and SOB’s beer sherpa. We’ve been working with Jay for the last four years on various coffee beer projects, a mere blip in his seventeen years in the coffee game. Jay is someone who, like me, has a kind of insatiable desire to find out what coffee beer can be. With our creations we hope to challenge your palate with something interesting and exceptional; we also hope to educate you about how we see the mashup of coffee and beer evolving and the role we strive to play in that.

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An Anonymous & Unofficial SOB Survey

Thrown annually by Lou Dog Events, Naperville Ale Fest is something we at SOB look forward to. Not only is it pretty much thrown in our backyard, but it’s put on by some great people and draws in folks from all over.

This year we decided to mix things up a bit and gave attendees an “Anonymous & Unofficial SOB Survey” card to fill out and drop off in a box at our booth. There were eight different questions and they were randomly dispersed amongst the crowd. Here are some of our favorite responses.

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Founders & Radicals: Matt Taylor of Varnish Studio

The best thing about being a part of the beer industry is the people you meet. My brother Joe and I first met Matt Taylor in December of 2013. Eager to escape the Chicago cold we set out to San Diego at the invitation of Tomme Arthur of Port Brewing Co./Lost Abbey who had asked me to join a panel discussion he was having for startup breweries for Brewbound.

Since then Matt and I have spoken often of the polarizing issue of aesthetics in beer. After brewery safety, the quality of what is actually in the glass will always be what’s most important, but not far behind is the environment that beer is in. Illustration and design have been and will always be a massive part of our culture here at SOB. From the simplicity of our taproom to the passion through creativity you see in our bottle labels and murals, art is how we tell our story.

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We raise a glass to you

They say that good things come in threes. The third time’s the charm. We here at SOB think the number three still just marks our beginning.

A few weeks back, Oath Day Three happened, our annual celebration of all things SOB. For those of you who are not familiar with Oath Day, let me give you a quick tutorial. Oath Day is the birthday of Solemn Oath Brewery. It’s where we invite all the SOBs of the world to come party with us in true SOB fashion, at our brewery, and celebrate another year of good beers and good friends. A thank you of sorts.

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Founders & Radicals: Michael Kiser of GBH

The rise of Michael Kiser and Good Beer Hunting has been an incredibly personal adventure for me to witness. When Solemn Oath began, I didn’t know Michael. We first met in April of 2012 when he visited our brewery while we were making SOB Batch #001.

At that time, Good Beer Hunting existed as a tumblr page with just a small and primarily local following. GBH’s captivating aesthetics through Michael’s photography and a poetic approach to storytelling drew me in as a reader. Michael’s written word has always had the ability to establish an emotional connection between me and the people and places that he visits. In short, Michael has made me give a shit about things I didn’t even know. Over the years we have become great friends and watching him grow the GBH brand and develop his own personal skill sets has been incredible to watch.

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Spontaneous Combustion: The Invention Thereof

Tim and I invented spontaneous combustion.

It actually sounds cooler than it is. Really, we were just bored. History was boring. Extremely boring. Who knew? Not these two time-traveling mavericks. Why do you think Paul quit teaching it? You have to be a god-damned illusionist to try and get kids to pay attention to all the boring shit. Yeah, we know, Cromwell, Hammurabi, Tesla, blah blah blah. 332, 1280, 1668, 1776. Yes, there were some interesting people and times in our world history, but they’re only a minuscule part of the vast void of history.

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