Thrown annually by Lou Dog Events, Naperville Ale Fest is something we at SOB look forward to. Not only is it pretty much thrown in our backyard, but it’s put on by some great people and draws in folks from all over.

This year we decided to mix things up a bit and gave attendees an “Anonymous & Unofficial SOB Survey” card to fill out and drop off in a box at our booth. There were eight different questions and they were randomly dispersed amongst the crowd. Here are some of our favorite responses.


What was the first beer you ever consumed and where did you consume it?

  • “Outside my dads pool, thinking it was a pitcher of apple juice.”
  • “Bud Light… high school party”
  • “Stroh’s in Indiana”

What is your favorite mythological creature and why?

  • “The flying scaly dog in The Never-ending Story because it would be cool to fly around on and play with his fluffy ears.”
  • “Dragon – no one messes w/ them”
  • “Unicorn b/c rainbows & they are fucking awesome”
  • “Gryphon – Nobility of a lion and attitude of an eagle. What’s not to like?”

If you could name a beer, what would it be called?

  • “Bourbon Fannypack”
  • “Teddy Bear Blues”
  • “Let’s Have A Pow Wow”
  • “Hot Mama”

What is your favorite place in the whole, wide world?

  • “My house because there are recliners.”
  • “Belize, it has white sand & lots of booze. Try a panty ripper!”
  • “Your bedroom. You know why.”
  • “S.O.B.” (I swear we didn’t pay him/her to say that.)

Go visit Jeff at the Penrose booth and tell him that you dated his sister. Write his reaction here.

  • “WOW”
  • “John Barley sux”
  • “Where is Cuddled By Vikings?”
  • “I’m the 1st girl who dated his sister”

Would you rather have feet for hands and hands for feet OR have you head attached to your body backwards?

  • Surprisingly, most would take a backwards head over hands/feet and feet/hands. One person did write, “Just take me out to the pasture @ this point…”

What song best describes the way you are feeling right now?

What is your deepest, darkest secret?

  • “I went to a Scottish festival and made out w/ a bagpipe player”
  • “I like Burger King hot dogs.”
  • “I’m a huge One Direction fan”
  • “I bite my toe nails”
  • “Trump 2016″
  • “Should of been a CPA”
  • *crude Sharpie drawing of genitalia*


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