On Saturday, June 10th we celebrated five years of being a brewery with a little something we call Oath Day.

If you made it out to Oath Day to celebrate with us, we thank you and we will raise a glass, probably several, to you this evening. If you missed out, take a look at these photos and weep. Hope you learned your lesson.

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_MG_5945 copy _MG_5976 copy _MG_5986 copy _MG_6022 copy_MG_5946 copy _MG_6042 copy _MG_6046 copy_MG_6230 copy_MG_6059 copy_MG_6083 copy_MG_6064 copy_MG_6175 copy_MG_6151 copy_MG_6241 copy_MG_6113 copy_MG_6283 copy_MG_6311_MG_6396_MG_6298 copy_MG_6350_MG_6364_MG_6373_MG_6411_MG_6464_MG_6459 _MG_6451_MG_6200 copy_MG_6096 copy_MG_6471_MG_6542_MG_6281 copy_MG_6143 copy_MG_6566_MG_6790_MG_6557_MG_6633_MG_6668_MG_6807_MG_6660_MG_6782_MG_5879 copyPhotos by Chris Geick, @almostoffthemap.

Video by Caleb Hamernick, calebhamernick.com.