On Monday, January 5th we shut down our taproom so that the SOB staff could all party together.

And man, oh man, did we party hardy. Like, we ate Gushers and danced on tables and stuff. You’ve gotta do that kind of thing every once in a while to maintain your sanity.

We started everything off at Revolution Brewery where I forced everyone to get in front of the flag one at a time so I could take a photo. Here are those photos. Allow me to introduce you to everyone.

flag portrait 3

This is Lou. He brews and plays in a funk/rock/hip-hop band. He also loves OutKast.

flag portrait 12

This is Nicole. She slings beers in our taproom by day and she’s a nurse by night. Come see her for all your ailments.

flag portrait 11

This is Andrew. He can chug a Gatorade faster than you and he often quacks like a duck. He works in our taproom.

flag portrait 2

This is John. He drinks a lot of Sugarfree Red Bull (like at least 4 per day) and he’s our president.

flag portrait 17

This is Tim. He’s our badass head brewer. He got married in Jamaica even though he hates reggae music.

flag portrait 8

This is Luke. He’s the newest member of the family (he was hired two months ago) and he rocks at shuffleboard. You can find him in the taproom.

flag portrait 10

This is Drew. He makes awesome belts and leather goods. He also says “yo” a lot. Holla at him in the taproom.

flag portrait 14

This is Mike. He very rarely gives the finger but in this case he was all about dat bird. Peek over the taproom wall and you’ll see him hiding somewhere in the brewery.

flag portrait 15

This is Jourdon. He’s responsible for all of our artwork and he has a 1978 Chevy van complete with a mini fridge, bed, and shag carpeting.

flag portrait 6

This is Emily. Her middle name is Katharine and she does not eat animals. You can find her in the taproom.

flag portrait 16

This is Matt, but we call him MOff around here. He works in the brewery and he’s the man that created our sexy jockey box cover. He’s good with wood.

flag portrait 13

This is Joe. He enjoys riding around on his motorcycle and wearing Vans. He’s the managing partner at SOB.

flag portrait 7

This is David. He loves bulldogs and has a lot of tattoos. He slings beers in the taproom.

flag portrait 5

This is Alia. She’s from Michigan and she can spin fire. You can find her in the taproom.

flag portrait 4

This is Alex. He has a lot of cars and he’s a really good DJ. Catch him in the taproom.

flag portrait 9

This is Paul. He used to be a high school history teacher. He brews and boogies to The Allman Brothers Band.

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And this is me, Erin. I like big cats.

After many shuffleboard games at Revolution, we headed over to Half Acre where we feasted on Big Star tacos and proceeded to dance, dance, dance. Now would probably be a good time to apologize to the good folks at Half Acre for dancing on their tables. Give an SOB some liquid courage and they’ll climb to the highest point and be getting down to some Sisqo in no time. I mean, just listen to us on the bus ride back to the burbs. It was one damn fine evening.

Sometimes at the brewery we listen to rock and sometimes we listen to rap. On occasion you might hear some jazz, pop, or a splash of early punk. The important thing to realize is that we’re always lively. Always accomplishing something. Always planning for what we hope will not be your favorite new thing, or the brewery’s favorite new thing, but our favorite thing together. Never complacent and always adapting. Changing the world, probably. These are those stories.