For years Peter Gamen has been bringing Kustom Kulture out of the garage with his company Kandy Van. With canvases consisting of cars, motorcycles, skateboards, and more this painter gives life to any surface he touches.

All week we’ll be featuring participating collaborative artists for the White Van Custom Vans & Custom Van Art Show happening at the brewery on Saturday, May 12 at 6PM.


1. What does a typical day look like for you?

My typical day is 8am to 6pm, usually a salad from Marianos around 12 and a whole lot of sanding. When I’m lucky I get to spray auto paint…

2. How does where you live impact your creativity?

I live in Chicago (Logan Square), my shop is in Chicago also. It is important to me, I want to be Chicagos best Custom paint shop. It drives me crazy when I see guys list themselves as something “Chicagoland” and they are 60 miles from the city.


3. What advice would you give to a young person starting out?

Hustle! Do what you love and take pride in your work.


4. What have you sacrificed to get here?

I don’t know if I sacrificed anything… I did give up a career as a commercial printer, I went from having a steady paycheck, health insurance, things like that. I wouldn’t call it a sacrifice though, because I am happier now than I ever was working for someone and I know all that stuff will come back on my terms.


20180505_122730Learn more about Peter by checking out his website or following his work across social media at @kandyvan.