A self proclaimed lover of the grungy/shitty look, the work of Ryan Thomas Monahan is absolutely stunning. Known for his miniature sculptures of street scenes, Ryan spends hours researching, sketching, planning, and considering before even making his first move on a project. Pay close attention to everything he creates, no detail is overlooked.

All week we’ll be featuring participating collaborative artists for the White Van Custom Vans & Custom Van Art Show happening at the brewery on Saturday, May 12 at 6PM.


1. What does a typical day look like for you?

I usually get down to my studio by 830am, I typically have multiple projects cooking at once so I work on various task throughout the day trying to accomplish a list I make for myself. I work until 5pm, I take a few hours off to see my wife then I work again until I go to bed.


2. How does where you live impact your creativity?

I’ve lived in super congested cities, and wide open fields…at this point I only need my mind and a good flick to get my creative going.



3. What advice would you give to a young person starting out?

My advice would be to concentrate on your art, dreams don’t work unless you do.

4. What have you sacrificed to get here?

I don’t know, I just turn my passion for creating into fuel to continually keep moving and producing. If I had to say I sacrificed anything I would say I sacrificed other hobbies and pastimes to focus on artwork.

IMG_8161 IMG_8162

Learn more about Ryan Thomas Monahan by checking out his website or following his work across social media at @what_thehell.