Welcome to our home. We do things a little differently here. Now wipe your damn feet.

The best place to experience Solemn Oath is right here in our taproom. You can purchase pints, flights, and growlers, as well as merchandise, just feet from where our beer is made. The only physical separation between the taproom and the brewery is a half-wall, so all the sights, sounds, and smells of the brewing process are always on full display. We try to keep the acid burns to a minimum and our brewers have trained rigorously to avoid gracing a full taproom with views of their intergluteal cleft, but we can’t do much about the summer heat except joke about installing fake palm trees for the season.

Finding Us

Good beer. Good friends. So-so 90’s music.

1661 Quincy Ave #179, Naperville IL 60540
  • Mon-Thu 12-9
  • Fri 12-11
  • Sat 11-11
  • Sun 11-7

You’ve been warned

3 Serving Limit

There is a three-serving limit per person per day. You’ll thank us and the city of Naperville for not having to deal with Five-Deep Freddy on Friday night. A full pour of a beer or a flight of four beers is considered a serving.

Just Our Beer Here

You won’t find any other beer, wine, or liquor at our taproom. All Solemn Oath, all the time. We keep our fourteen draft lines stocked with standards and specialties like our barrel-aged beers. You can take bottles to go, too.

No Cash

We do not accept cash at our brewery. That’s right; no cash. Your drinking will have to be on the books, friend. You could always run to Walgreen’s and grab a pre-paid Visa, but that would just be sad. Sad, sad, sad.

No Tips

As we’re plastic-only, our bartenders do not accept tips. You may, however, purchase a beer for your bartender. Just say, “Hey, put one on there for yourself.” Nice to decommodify a personal interaction, isn’t it?

No Food

You say ‘kitchen,’ we say ‘we don’t want nothing to do with that.’ However, you are more than welcome to bring your own, order in, or check out the food trucks that swing by. Check out the Events page to see which trucks are coming.

Beer For Friends

Drinking great beer in great company is our favorite way to get after it. But sometimes you’ll find yourself at our taproom wishing a friend were there. For those occasions, we’ve got you covered. You can buy a full pour, flight, or growler for an absentee buddy and we’ll put it up on our Beer For Friends board. The next time they come in, they can redeem the beer. If they’re worth your friendship they will slap one on the board for you in return. Heads up: we remove listings from the Beer For Friends board after sixty days, but they never expire. You bartender will find your listing in the Book of Shame, denoted "BOS" below. If you're not seeing the search function on mobile, try turning your phone sideways.

# To From Gift


Treat your growlers like you treat your loved ones: keep them cold and don’t shake them. Shelf life varies depending on the beer and who you ask. Oh, you’re asking? Well, we find that you’ll virtually always be safe if you open and drink your growler within four days. Once you open it, finish it by the next day. When done, rinse thoroughly with warm water, allow to dry, and store with the cap off. That’s OFF.

We do not fill growlers other than SOB growlers. Prices vary by beer. Not all beers are available in growlers. We will not fill growlers that smell moldy or funky. We rinse all growlers before filling them, but we have no way to clean them as quickly and effectively as we would need to to accept your stank.

Private Parties

We have a barrel-lined private party space waiting (not-so-patiently) for you to use and abuse it. To rent out the space, you need at least 15 people (but less than 50 people). Know 15 people who are ready to party? Email erin@solemnoathbrewery.com for rates, availability, and more info.